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I have a great idea for a new internet lighting business that will become a household name with the ideas that I have in mind! I have already done market research and the results were positive for the demand of my idea, what I dont have is a storage facility etc. at the present time. Im in need of drop shippers who can provide primarily lamps, table or floor for mood lighting, novelty lighting, decorative lighting, hand made, ethinic, natural and unusual, aroma, water and mist. I am only looking for items with an amount of class, elegance, innovation, colour and that provide what I and my advisors classify as 'eye candy' no silly products.

I invite you to join me in this exciting new venture so that we can work together to provide a wonderful new service and generate massive profits at the same time.

Can you provide me with a drop shipping service or are you a retailer who can offer me the products I require at a cost that is only slightly above wholesale prices? Great! Please email me a catalogue of your companies products with a current price list or a link to your website catalogue if you have one.

Please dont ask me what my idea is, it is such a new and exciting idea, I will not disclose it until I have business arrangements with suppliers, what I will tell you is that my main market is the UK, USA and Europe and that the name for the website is also very innovative!

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