Sell Decorative Overlay Film on waterproof garments

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Model: TY-223

Color: Gray, dark

Structure makeup: TPU + PU

Softening point: 275oF(135oC)

Width (mm) : 0.1-0.12/0.15

Thickness Range (mm) : 1100

Face Fabric Application: Nylon; Polyester; Non-

woven fiber; Cotton

Packing: 100yds/roll


1. Provides an excellent bond over entire seam, and eliminates lifting or delaminating

2. A high heat resistance adhesive film performing outstanding washability and wear

Compatible with winter wear, anorak, anorak ski suit, exposure suit, waterproof boots, down jacket, diving suits, climbing clothing, jungle fatigues, traffic police clothes, protective clothing, sport suit, mountain wear, and other waterproof products, etc.

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