Sell Deep cycle battery

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Bolder traction and deep cycle low-maintenances batteries are a clean, reliable power source for electric vehicles, electric golf cart, electric fork-lift, and electric power tractor, goods carried trucks, and Recreational vehicle applications.

Product Features
1. Use high-density porous glass fiber separator, effectively prevent from being short-circuited.
2. Add special additives, greatly extending the battery single cycle of working hours;
3. Unique roof design to ensure no sulfuric acid liquid leakage and explosion;
4. A special grid structure design, greatly reduce the internal resistance;
5. PP plastic shell is corrosion-resistant, shock-resistant
6. Excellent high discharge efficiency, long cycle life and great ability to work at high and low temperature.

Product Applications
Deep cycle series products are mainly used in complete charge and discharge cycles.
Electric vehicles, Golf Cart, Electrical car, Electric Sightseeing Car, toy Car, Mini-truck,
Portable TV, tape recorders
Portable word processors, portable terminals, calculator
Portable telephone sets
Movable spare power sources