Sell Deep laser marking & engraving machine

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To meet the requirement of market, we develop a new generation deep laser marking & engraving machine. It can be used in automotive, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries where need deep engraving in metal. This technology overcomes the disvantages of traditional engraving machine, such as slow speed, shallow depth. Deep engraving can be realized.
This system combines laser high speed marking, fast & deep engraving in one. It is multifunction, simple and convenient,

l High speed, fine precision
l Max marking depth is up to 2mm
l Good beam quality, high energy conversion efficiency
l In order to adapt to different materials, not only long pulse, high energy laser can be output, but short pulse, high peak power laser also can be output.
l Laser peak power is up to 300kw. Its about 10 times of common lamp-pumped laser when Electric power consumption is same.
l AO Q-switch comes from Gooch & Housego of UK.

Applications: Automobile, motorcycle parts, hardware, stainless steel appliances, medical equipment, watches and jewelry, industrial bearings, dies etc.