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Our Defoaming Agent can be used for nearly all the industries, including:
Papermaking, Textile&Dyeing Printing Industriy,
Petroleum Chemicals& Fertilizer Industry,
Fermentation, Paints & Ink Industry,
Washing & Surface Treatment&Food Processing,
Water Treatment&Cement Construction,
Mechanism Process & Automobile Industry,
Pharmaceutical Industry etc. .

PPE Defoamer applicable to all kinds of antibiotics, MSG, yeast, enzymes, lysine, inosine, citric acid fermentation process, such as the defoaming in the chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, soy products, paper, paint, such as the production process.

DM LX-2, is widely used as a bio-fermentation, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, waste water treatment, oil exploitation and processing, pulp and paper, leather, chemical, daily chemical products, paints and other production process defoaming additives.

DM LJ-2000 Series , the most prominent feature is suppressing foam performance, in addition also has a defoaming speed, good stability, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-adverse effects, can be widely used in emulsion polymerization, textile printing and dyeing, oil extraction, cleansing and other industries.

DM LQ-200 Series, DM LQ-201 is mainly used for the elimination of the production process of water-based latex foam, especially suitable for styrene, acrylic latex, vinyl acetate emulsion, water-based ink, water dilution of resin, slurry and other products defoaming the production process. DM LQ-202 is mainly used to eliminate the production of a variety of water-based paint, ink in the process of the bubble.

DM BX-829 is mainly paper industry foaming characteristics of paper-making process designed to use the product can effectively control the pulp, foam spillover and enhance the quality of paper.
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