Sell Dehydrated White Onions

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Processed food industry is highly cost and quality sensitive , to survive and be successful one has to move with the international standards . The company has its own in-house laboratory at the plant site to ensure supply of international quality products and keep constant check on the quality standard. The promoter directors are themselves very competent in checking quality standards and put their personal efforts to look after this important activity.
Recently trading activities has occupied a center stage of the companies operation and has specialized in sourcing appropriate products meeting specific need of direct exporters . Company has established a wide network to carry out scientific sourcing activities.

Considering the tough and much righorous quality standard that is required to be maintained to compete in the international market we have started to go for backward integration and in this regard we have entered into contract farming by providing latest agricultural input to farmers and to procure the raw material with them at pre- determined rates . it will help us to ensure consistent flow of quality raw materials.