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What you need is here to enjoy authentic-size mini-hamburger sliders hot off your barbecue grill. Triple hamburger press releases pockets of air and shapes these bite-size patties for uniform grilling. Clip-shut nonstick basket with cool-touch rosewood handle lets you grill nine perfectly-round, evenly-cooked sliders without the tricky maneuvering of a spatula or risk of fall-throughs. Mini bun cutter trims regular buns to exact slider size. Topped with favorite condiments, these fun-shaped burgers are popular across America as the favorite restaurant-style burger you can make at home. You can also use the cutter to make uniform biscuits or cut-out cookies. Plastic hamburger press. Metal cutter with wooden handle. Wire nonstick basket. Hand wash.

Product Features
 The mini-burgers known as "sliders" can easily be prepared at home
 Includes mini-burger press, grilling basket and bun cutter
 Plastic triple-press releases pockets of air for uniform grilling
 Nonstick wire basket clips shut to secure nine patties for perfect, hassle-free grilling
 No tricky maneuvering with a spatula or risk of burgers falling through grill grates
 Bun cutter trims regular hamburger buns to slider size and can also be used to cut biscuit or cookie dough
 Sizzling hot sliders are a hit at barbecues
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