Sell Deluxe Multi-functional Massage Chair

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Deluxe Multi-functional Massage Chair
1. Advanced body-detecting function can set massage program
according to your shape, fulfill the full massage at the
neck, shoulder and waist.
2. Novel six wheels kneading core unit, super long massage
course go up to the neck and shoulder and the down to
back and waist to make kneading, pressing,
knocking, tapping, knocking and tapping
combination etc. way as stated in the Chinese medicine
massage theory
3. Air bags are set at the buttocks parts (people sitting
on the chair) alternating inflating and deflating air.
Help to promote blood circulation of the bodys buttocks
increase metabolism, improve bodys function
4. Thigh: Vibrating motors at the thigh. Air bags
superposition is installed at two sides of the calf part.