Sell Deluxe Portable Dental System

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Features include:
~ 3-Way Air/Water Syringe
~ One high speed and one low speed handpiece
~ Low Volume Evacuation
~ Self Contained Water Supply
~ Self Contained Oliless Compressor
~ On/Off Foot Switch
~ Easily Transported With Pull-Out Handle and
~Weighs 15 to 30KG depending on configuration
~ 11OV or 220V Compatable, Oliless compressor
~ 7L tank capacity
~ Optional Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler
~ Optional LED curing light
~ Optional Motor with light for fiber optic hand pieces
DHD-130 is a fully self-contained electric
dental system. Quick and easy to set up and
operate. Ready for travel. Available with
optional piezo ultrasonic scaler, LED curing
light and fiber optic handpiece

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RXAD push button handpiece Specification

( high torque) Ceramic bearing
Interior diameter:3.175mm
Exterior diameter:6.350mm
Working pressure: 2-2.2 kg/cm2
Speed: 35-42 million transfer/min
Under normal circumstances bearing life:
6 months

S01 Slow Speed Handpiece Specification
Rotation speed: About 20000r/min
(adjustable between clockwise or anticlockwise)
Cutting force: (torque)
Noise: <=70dB
Air consumption: About 56 L/min
Dimension: #20x89

BI-1 Built-in scaler Specification

Primary tip vibration excursion: >40um
The transformer parameter: 24V ~30VA
Supply power : 220V110% 50Hz11Hz
Output power: 3~20VA
Water supply pressure: <=2.5bar
Half-excursion forec: >0.8N
Frequency: 3013KHz
Every model of scaler can connect

WT-215B LED curing light Specification