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Product Description
Dental Camera
1. This dental camera that enables users to examine their teeth, ears, hair and other body parts on their own.
2. you also could use it to look into cotton fibre, inset, leaf, rock and mini-size eletron element so on.
3. Operation is easy. Just plug the camera cable into any TV video input or computer USB port and aim the lens at the part you want to see. Roughly 26mm wide and 199mm long, this camera uses four AA batteries. It has three types, namely PAL/CMOS, NTSC/CMOS and CCD.
4. All digital signal processing
5. Through the USB integration, clear digital image signal can be transmitted from our sensor
6. Simplifies equipment integration
7. Only handset and USB cable required
8. Wide focusing control ranges from one tooth to full face (Far/Close distance focus)
9. "Plug & Play" function for Ease-of-Installation with only USB port connection
10. 13mm slim head size for easy and comfortable intra oral positioning
11. An unified S/W program for full management and analysis in convenient linkages with other digital devices such as panorama and intra-oral sensor, etc.