Sell Dental Unit YS1020

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Product features
1. The whole product is controlled with low voltage to ensure safety
2. Mould plastics for outer case
3. Self-check when start, emergency stop by press any key
4. Stepless adjustment for rinsing, 10 choices for the time of washing cuspidor
5. Mesh filter for water inlet and suction system, freely shift to external water supply
6. The suction flow could be adjusted by high/low-volume suction handle, low-volume suction is with built-in filter
7. Dental chair is with lower seat position, 2 separate foot-controllers
8. The rotatable cuspidor is convenient for patient

Product type and standard specification
1. T2402 Hanging-on-hose instrument tray (1 set)
2. High-volume suction (1 set)
3. Saliva ejector (1 set)
4. 3-way syringe (2 set)
5. YS5401 low-voltage X-ray viewer (1 set)
6. YS5601 round foot-countroller (1 set)
7. YS5204 dentist stool (1 set)
8. D200YA operating light (1 set)
9. DB1404A operating light arm (1 set)

Additional options
1. T2403 Over-pull-hose instrument tray
2. Built-in floor box
3. High-speed handpiece
4. Low-speed handpiece
5. Built-in ultrasonic scaler
6. Built-in curing light
7. Built-in digital camera