Sell Dental curing light

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1. Imported high power LED, available in, 10W.
2. Blue ray output wave length: 430-485nm
3. Gradualy bright, shiny, bright-wide, adjustable power, the work of four models to choose.
4. Four gear output timing: 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s.
5. Blue-ray illumination: 10W>=2000Mw/CM2
6. The effect of curing time; 10s: 2-3mm
7. Any brand can be cured resin material.
8. Three power options: A type: Li-ion battery(2000mA) power: B type; AC110-240V power supply, C type: AC 24V power.

1. Mainframe, LED light: 2 years.
2. Power Cord, Transformer: 1 year.
3. Battery: 3 months.
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