Sell Dental lighting ejecter

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Four in one: illuminates, isolates , aspirates and soft bite-block.
Requires no tools for installation
Easily moved between operators
No electricity comes near the patient

bright-white, adjustable light is dispersed throughout the oral cavity via the illumination path. The path travels the entire length of the work tip. Let you have a high intensity, bright-white, cold light. The light around the upper and lower quadrants, provides 3600, shadowless illumination of the oral cavity. Unlike conventional overhead lighting, the broadcasts light from inside the patient's mouth.

Integrated Bite Block
The integrated bite-block is constructed of a soft, flexible polymer. The bite-block accommodates anterior or posterior positioning, and let you in full control of the working area. And make patient more comfortabler.
Tongue & Cheek Shield
The work tip has built-in flexible tongue and cheek protection. The tongue and cheek shield is specifically designed to create both a perceived and actual safe-zone for the patient's tongue. Now you can work behind the most posterior maxillary molar without injuring the cheek or the tongue.
Ejector Saliva And Water And Total Dry Field Isolation
The unique design of the work tip provides a non-impinging seal, enabling you to illuminate and aspirate the mouth from deep within the oral cavity. which eliminates the need for cotton rolls, dri angles or a rubber dam.
Provides continuous elimination of debris and oral fluids. The vacuum tube can quickly attache to your chairside, high-speed evacuator port. And Suction can be controled
Power Requirements
110 or 240 Vac, 50/60 hz