Sell DesHigh purity zirconia/ilicon-zirconium/Stable-type zirconia

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Main product
1. Desilicon-zirconium is widely used for fused cast zirconia corundum refractory materials, which can increase the content of ZrO2 of zirconia corundum brick, therefore exudation temperature and corrosion resistance is significantly increased, resulting in making furnace campaign longer than before.

2. Stable-type zirconia is mainly used for producing ZrO2 refractory materials, special ceramics and high temperature resistance coating, such as designated-diameter nozzle, sliding-gate, immersion nozzle, ZrO2 ceramics, kiln appliances, etc.

3. High purity zirconia is mainly used for preparing ceramics color, such zirconium color series as zirconium-praseodymium yellow, zirconium-vanadium blue, etc.