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A desiccant is a dehumidifying agent which attracts
moisture from the atmosphere. It adsorbs and holds
particles of water to itself. The three most common types
of desiccants are silica gel, clay and molecular sieve

Silica gel desiccant is made from amorphous silicate. It is
designed to control moisture levels within packaged
products. Under very low humidity conditions, a small
amount of water vapor will be adsorbed in the smallest
pores. As humidity increases, the large pores will begin
to fill. It remains dry and free-flowing, even at maximum
adsorption capacity.

Clay desiccants are non-hazardous, moisture adsorbent
substances created by the controlled drying of calcium
(bentonite) aluminosilicate clay. This naturally occurring
montmorillonite clay has a special affinity for moisture
and is chemically inert and non-corrosive. The layered
structure of clay desiccant attracts and adsorbs moisture
onto its surface and between its layers.