Sell Desilicate Zirconia

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Desilicate Zirconia
The fat Zirconia material is our company using our patent technology and using the Azorite as the main material through electro-desilicate blasting ball way to produce, which is widely used for producing Fused Cast Zirconium Corundum product and other high Zirconia Refractory to improve the content of Zirconia, increase Alumina-Zirconia crystal, decrease Glass phase, improve Exudation temperature, prolong the age of Fused Cast bricks.

Our factory produces Desilicate-Zirconia product, this product as inspected by province in Zheng zhou on Nov.15th,1991. the expert think use the electro-fusion blow manner to make desilicate-zirconia, Ist quality have been up to top of level in the world.

Code Chemical composition(%) Crystalline phase True density(g/cm3) Size

ZrO2 Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3+TiO2

ZA-I 90 7 3 0.5 monoclinic 5.26
Hollow ball <4mesh

ZA-II 85-89 10 5 0.5 monoclinic 5.26 Hollow ball <4mesh