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Detectable Needles have thick-walled cannulas, which are crimped and pressed into sturdy plated brass hubs. These stronger sidewalls increase load strength. Bending and breaking is reduced more than 6-fold over conventional needles, and needle tips stay sharp longer. These superior features make the Detectable Needles last three times longer than conventional injection needles. Detectable Needle has its gauge size followed by the letter stamped into the brass hub. This allows users to easily distinguish detectable needles from conventional needles. Detectable Needles are packed in color-coded cartidges for safety and convenience while transporting. Cartridge labels are tamper evident and identify needle length and gauge. Detectable Needles are packed 100 per box.

Detectable Needles
Coated With a Silicons Polymer
Copper rectangle hub
Tamper evident cartridges are safe
Cartridges are color-coded to follow industry standards
providing easy gauge
Item Number: CN- KF01-X