Sell Device for Laser Therapy SL-202

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SL-202 is the heart of our LLLT system. Having won hard competition at domestic laser market, this device has combined an essence of consumer qualities.
Main features of SoftLaser are:
 Infrared wavelength precisely chosen for deeper penetration into soft tissue;
 High output power to reach desired therapeutic effect in shortest time;
 Digital timer and powermeter to grant exact procedure parameters to the user;
 Modulation of laser beam in a wide range of frequencies;
 Microcoupling for optical instruments to laser probe;
 Sensors for tuning the laser and big display for indication of parameters.
SoftLaser is equipped with collimating lens and plastic brief-case for transportation and storage. User's Manual and one medical brochure for treatment chart in specific field are included.
Features, Purposes
Portable semiconductor laser for Low Level Laser Therapy with microprocessor control unit; wide range of output power, frequency and time irradiation parameters; convenient service, built-in photometer, digital indicator.
Brand Name
Petrolaser Corp.
CE, full Russian medical registration
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
110/220 V