Sell Dew Point Meter  HT6292

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Dew Point Meter

Appilcations: Widely used in workshops, offices, plants, libraries, computer stations, laboratories and warehouses. HT-6292, HT-6850.
Product synopsis
Dew Point Meter HT6292
Measuring range: dew point 40-400 humidity 0-100%RH TEMP -10-650
Accuracy: dew point 10.50 humidity 2.5%11%RH TEMP 10.50
Display: LCD display
Resolution: 0.10
Time response: 20/s
Power supply: 4x1.5V AA (UM-3) battery
Operating conditions:0-+450(32 -104) , <=90%RH
Dimensions: 161x69x32mm
Weight (not including probe) : 202g