Sell Dexibuprofen(CAS#51146-56-6)

Dexibuprofen(CAS#51146-56-6) You May Also Be Interested In: ibuprofen propionic acid
English Name: Dexibuprofen/(s) -(+) -ibuprofen
Chemical Name: S (+) -2 (4-isobutylphenyl) Propionic acid
Chinese spelling:youxuanbuluofen
molecular formula: C13H18O2
molecular weight: 206.28
Quality: Assay 98.5101% [(Alpha) ]D20=56-62(methanol)
Package: In cardboard drums of 25kg(N. Wt. ) each , lined inside with polythene films.
Capacity: 500 MT annually.
Description: the S-ibuprofen , which is pure effective part of Ibuprofen , more effective, as well as Ibuprofen Lysinate, which is lysinate sodium form of Ibuprofen , the olution and bioavailability , contrary to ibuprofen, more effective,