Sell Dexion Compatible Racking/Pallet Racking/Shelf

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Usually consist of upright frame, beam, pallet support and other standards components. H-bracing and D-bracing connect with upright by nylon self-lock bolts, can effectively prevent racking from losing balance cause by the release of the bolts; Drum-shaped holes are punched on the upright, so beam can be adjusted by 75 mm.

Characteristice of Pallet Rack :

1. Anyone can easily assemble and disassemble each part into a product due to its boltless structure

2. Frame and Load Beam are, by using the so-called the effect of the wedge, assembled in the following way: each Load Beam that has three attached rings is inserted in each hole of Post Frame which is in the regular interval. The heavier weight Post Frame and Load Beam have, the stronger relation between them holds.

3. The safety pin attached to Load Beam enables Load Beam not to come out during loading or unloading.

4. The products are completely standardized by various standard materials.

5. Since the most suitable thickness and cross section of aterials are selected, safety and economy are superb.

6. It is easy to handle height, width, depth etc. according to the ize and weight of goods.

7. Perfect soundproof painting and beautiful upper part painting mprove working environment.
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