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Synonyms: D-glucose, monohydrate; dextrosol; dextrose, monohydrate, powder
Chemical Formula: C6H12O6. H2O
Molecular Weight: 198.17
CAS No. : 5996-10-1
What is Dextrose monohydrate(DMH) ?
DMH is a white granular monosaccharide. It is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch to dextrose and subsequent purification and crystallization from solution. It is sweet in taste, free from foreign flavour and finds wide applications due to its inherent quality of being an instant energy source. DMH does not require conversion before assimilation into the human system and is, therefore, very popular in the pharmaceutical and energy products.
Characteristics & Applications:
DMH is extensively used in many food products both in liquid and in dry forms. It imparts a tender feel to sweets and creates a cool sensation in the mouth. It is widely used for its nutritional value  one gram of DMH supplies approximately 3600 calories of energy. Being a simple sugar, it is readily absorbed by the body and provides instant energy to overcome physical fatigue.
Besides enhancing flavour and sweetness of cakes, biscuits and other bakery products, DMH contributes to the crust colour and texture. It accelerates the brewing reaction and fermentability and reduces standing time as it dissolves and cools the dough.
Ice creams and frozen desserts:
DMH lowers the freezing point to give a soft, creamy texture and a pleasant mouthfeel. It has the unique ability of increasing solid substance without unduly increasing sweetness, thus improving the flavour of frozen desserts, jams and jellies. This attribute has made it nearly indispensable to ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers.
In the canning industry, DMH imparts sweetness, body and gloss to fruits, improves texture and enhances flavour. It also contributes to better natural colour retention and is effective in inhibiting microbial spoilage in preserves and meat products.
DMH makes itself useful to the confectionery industry by controlling sweetness, softness and crystallization of confectionery and other foods.
DMH is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a rehydrating agent and in oral syrups.
Industrial applications
It is used in the manufacture of antibiotics like streptomycin and rifampicin, and for the manufacture of sorbitol, mannitol and gluconates.
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