Sell Dextrose monohydrate /Oral glucose

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Product Name: Oral Glucose, Dextrose Monohydrate Place of Origin: China
Oral glucose is a kind of white lamelliform exagonal crystal which uses
cornstarch as the raw material. After cornstarch is transformed into
glucose syrup by adopting double enzyme technique, it still needs
residual removals like de-coloring, salt removal through ion exchanging
resin followed by concentration, crystallization, dehydration,
evaporation, and screening. Our oral glucose reaches high quality
standards issued by the Chinese Sanitation Ministry. Oral glucose is
directly edible and can be used as an additive. When used in cooking
foods, it can enhance the color and prolong the shelf life.

1) Dry solid substance: 75, 80, 82%
2) Ash: < 0.5%
3) De: 40-60
4) pH: 4.6-6.0
5) Cooking temperature: 1330
6) Bacteria (cfn/g) : <3,000
7) Coliform bacteria (mpn/100g) : <30
8) Salmonella: not detected
9) As (mg/kg) : <0.5
10) Pb (mg/kg) : < 0.5