Sell Dhavana Oil (Essential Oil)

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Dhavana Oil is one of the important essential oils and its Botanical name is Artemisia Pallens. This essential oil is obtained from the Artemisia Pallens by Steam Extraction method. This essential oil is very important raw material used for the manufacturing of high grade perfumes, flavours and cosmetics etc.

Dhavana oil is an Anti-Anxiety effect, Relaxing & emotionally Balance. Dhavana oil is brownish, viscous liquid of peculiar, very aromatic, some what balsamic and persistant odour. Freshly distilled oil has sharp and herbal top notes. This disappears on keeping, leaving a mellow pleasant note. Devaone, a sesquitepene ketone, is the main component of the oil of Dhavana. Linalool, dehydro-a-linalool, terpinen-4 oil, nordavanone and davanafurans have been isolated in a fraction of Dhavana oil. These compounds are reported to contribute to the characteristic odour of Dhavana oil. Oil of Dhavana is used in expensive perfume compositions. It is also being used for flavouring cakes, pastries, tobacco and some of the costly beverages.

So, this herb is very valuable for its essential, Dhavana oil.

Packing : 50ml,100ml and 200ml in pet bottle.
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