Sell Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Apparatus

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Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Apparatus

According to entirety, undertake the treatment after differentiation of symptoms and signs theory of the traditional Chinese medicine, based on entrails and meridian doctrine, perfectly combine the newly emerging cutaneous penetration technique and modern electronic technique, stimulate and conduct on the skin and specified position of the body to move and arouse the internal potential of the human body, regulate the unbalanced entrails, Qi and blood, yin-yang, quickly improve the functions of the islets of pancreas, improve regeneration of the cells, and help the human body restore dynamic balance, and bring down the blood glucose.

Characteristics of the apparatus:
1. An Advanced meridian adjusting system displaying science and technology, its effect is significant, and it can bring down the blood glucose.
Based on the Chinese traditional medicine theory of undertaking the treatment after differentiation of symptoms and signs, combine human meridian doctrine and modern high, new electric technique, woundless is a perfect application of traditional Chinese medicine and modern electronic technique.
2. Drug cutaneous penetration technique, the drug is atomized by ultrasonic and absorbed directly into circulation through skin, and quickly bring down the blood glucose and restore the functions of islets of pancreas.
3. Endogenious ultra-low frequency electrical pulse technique.
Adopted endogenious ultra-low frequency electrical pulse technique, pick the acupoint along the meridian to operate deep treatment, clear out the meridian and stimulate the pancreas cells, accelerate the blood circulation, promote the metabolism, improve the regeneration ability of the cells, ameliorate the circulation, regulate the neurological disorders, promote the insulin secretion.
4. The machine integrates pulse stimulation, drug iontophoresis and therapy and heat massage as a whole, undertake treatment after differentiation of symptoms and signs the effect is significant.
5. Easy to operate, quick to take effect, safe and without side effects.

Technique Parameters:
Frequency: 300Hz-1kHz
Output voltage (effetive value) (500 Ohm charge) : <=25V
Maximum output energy of single pulse: <=300Mj
Open circuit vvoltage: <=500V
Rate of Ultrasonic atomization: >=3ml/min
Drug hood ternperature of atomization: 35 -43 C degree
Adjustable Tolerance<=+-3 C degree
Timing function: -99min Adjustable
Tolerance<= +-2 min
Power source: 220V +-10% 50Hz+-1Hz
Power<= 170VA