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Diabetes Recovery Capsule
herb supplement
Chinese Secret Formula to Reduce Blood Fat
1 capsules per time and 3 times per day
Caution should be taken for pregnant women
Product Name Diabetes Recovery Capsule
Ingredients Gingkgo, medlar, barrenwort epimedium, yam, cacti, wild buckwheat, cowberry, Gymnema P. E, fructus momordicae, common fenugreek seed
Specification 480mgW25capsulesW2bottle
Taking method 1capsules/time, 3times/day
Ingredient List
Standard Common Name (Botanical Latin Name)
Functional Ingredients Proportion Contents (mg)
Gingkgo (Ginkgo biloba) , 20% 76
medlar (Lycium barbarum L. ) 18% 68.4
barrenwort epimedium (Epimedium grandiflorum) 8% 30.4%
yam (Rhizoma Dioscoreae) 12% 45.6
cacti (Opuntia dillenii) 4% 15.2%
wild buckwheat (Atraphaxis frutescens) 9% 34.2
Gymnema P. E (Gymnema Sylvestre (Retz. ) Schult) 3% 11.4
fructus momordicae (Momordica grosvenori Swingle) 18% 68.4
common fenugreek seed (Semen Trigonellae) 8% 30.4
Other ingredients: MCC and gelatin
Instructions: 1 course is 14 days
Precautions: Caution should be taken for pregnant women
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