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Trade Name: Diafenthiuron 95% TC

Physical and Chemical Properties:
colorless crystal, melting point 149.60, vapor pressure 220mPa(200)

Packing: 50 kg/ barrel(bag) , 25kg/barrel(bag) or according to customers demand.

No irritation to skin and eyes of mice, high toxic to fish, toxic to tees, No obvious hazards in normal field conditions.

This product is a thiourea insecticide and acaricides. It is applied in the fruit tree, the gain, cotton and kapok, the vegetables and decorative plants t control the aphid, leafhopper ad the evening whitefly. It is also applied to control vegetable worm on cabbage, leafworm o soybean and cotton leafworm on cotton etc. It is safe to all beneficial insect imago, such as insectivorous mite, spider; non-select to hemiptera insect of immature period.

This product can not be mixed with the strong acid , strong base, such as copper formulations. and this product should be used on cotton, cucumber , tomato and other crop according to the directions to avoid injury, if take it , induce vomitting and seek medical advice immediately.

Other Formulations: 25%EC, 25% SC, 50%SC, 80%WP, 50%WP
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CAS No.80060-09-9
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