Sell Diagonal Paper Gluing Machine

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This glue applicator is or diagonal arrangement structure, making up by a pair of applicator rolls arranging by declining 30 degree in horizontal direction. Sheet of paper licked up from drying cylinder group enters glue applicating channel made up by two applicator rolls to conduct after sizing, then entering next group of drying cylinders for drying. One of the two rolls is chromeplating roll, another is rubber roll. Chromeplating roll is fixed. Rubber roll is pneumatic. Hyperblic pneumatic tyre apparatus single point transmission and double point transmission are adopted(This glue applicator does not include transmission apparatus)
Glue applicator is equipment supplied by complete machine. According to arranged transmission position, it can be divied into two kinds of arrangement forms of left handed glue applicator. Facing paper coming out direction, the one with transmission at right side is right handed glue applicator. The one with transmission at left side is left handed glue applicator. Our factory possesses the following specification and series: dia.400, dia.450, dia.550, dia.650, dia.910 etc.
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