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Hemodialysis Catheter

Single Lumen 7Fr/8Fr,

Double Lumen 11.5Fr/12Fr/6.5Fr/8.5Fr

Triple Lumen 12Fr


Available lots components.
Complete Insetrion Set. Supplied with the economical basics for Seldinger Technique Insertion. Catheter, vessel dilator, guidwire, introducer needle, and injection caps.
1. Soft Tip
Reduces trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and in-situ. The radiopaque catheter and tip facilitates vessel location when visualized by X-Ray.
2. Biocompatible Polyurethane
Tested for toxicity and hemocompatability, and become softer in body temporature.
3. Easilly-find under X-Ray
Sufficificently radiopaque materials ensures the correct placement of cathetor.
4. Curved Extensions
The extensions are curved for jugular vein approaches to make the catheter more comfortable for the patient.