Sell Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

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Our major product is vitrified Diamond/CBN grinding wheel. We provide the wide solution to customer to grinding casting iron, carbide, high speed steel, stainless steel, Nickel alloy, Chrome and Titanium alloy. It contribute to the cost effective, high efficiency and high precise solution. Our product's OD is 3~400mm, concentration 100%~200%, granularity 80#~400#. It is widely used in the bearing, CVJ, tappet, compressor, tappet, cylinder, nozzle, pump, gear and mould industry and can support many types of grinder.

Compare with normal abrasives
1. longer life, is 30~200 times compare with the normal abrasives
2. high efficiency, can improve the productivity 50%~200% in different application
3. high precise, can improve the yield of the production

4. cost effective, save a lot of cost of equipment, labor and time

Compare with domestic products:

1. higher CBN concentration, longer life(150%, 175%,200%)
2. better capability of self sharp
3. easy truing and degressing

Our product has out standing quality and competitive price, look forward to cooperate with you.