Sell Diamond/CBN Grinding-wheels

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>>> In Recent years, under the basis of absorbed International advanced technology, we successfully developed the Grinding-stone for Corrugated Slitter and Scorer machine. It is an advanced technology achievement mainly serve for Corrugated field.

>>> Since the products were used, hundreds of clients proved that every point of Yinglong Grinding-stone achieved the International advanced level. We pocess the merit of reasonable price as well as excellent quality. Our products had won the toppest list of this field in recent years, and we developed into the major manufacturer of Diamond/CBN Grinding-stone in P. R. C. Now we cooperate with dozens of domestic and foreign corporations for instance Asia Paper, Indonesia Kingkong Co. , International Jifeng Ltd. , HongKong New-Generation Co. etc. Our products also export to Thailand, Korea, Egypt, Vietnam, Taiwan, HongKong, Southeast-Asia, Mid-East, Africa and Europe etc.

>>> Special-use Grinding-stone for thin-cutter Slitter-Scorer machine in Corrugated carton production line include special wheels for hard-alloy blade, high-speed steel blade and Grinding-stone for blades in miscellaneous materials.

>>> Import of excellent materials, unique formula and advanced technologies have been adopted in Yinglong Grinding-stones. Senior engineers strictly control the overall production process and ensure the qualities of products.

>>> Featuring sharp blade and well wear resistance, our products have been proved to reach the international advanced level. We have experienced and skillful technicians who ensure that both size and specification of every "Yinglong" wheel can meet the international standard.