Sell Diamond & CBN Wheel

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1. Resin Bond Diamond & CBN Wheels: 1A1, 1A1R, 1A8, 1V1, 1F1, 3A1, 4A2P, 6A2, 6A9, 9A3, 11V9, 12V9, 12A2, 14A1, 15A2, DW

2. Vitrified CBN Wheels
a) Internal Grinding
b) Surface Grinding
c) Tool Grinding
d) Cylindrical Grinding

3. Ultra Thin Metal and Electroplated Diamond & CBN Cutting Disc
a) For Cutting Glass and other precision mold
b) For high pressure and deep Cutting
c) For cutting and polishing Electronic Component and Optic Limbs
d) For processing semiconductor wafer, ceramic and CPS materials
ISO9001&3A2000; MPA; EN
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days