Sell Diamond & CBN resin bonded grinding wheel:

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Resin bonded wheels are now effectively applicable to ail sorts of grinding operations such as surface grinding, cylindrical and centerless grinding, grooving and internal grinding, and etc. . . It is ideally used for grinding super alloys, cermet, ceramic, glass, ferrite, high-speed steel, tool alloys, and many other new ultra-hard materials.
Many types of resin-bonded diamond wheels are specially made for fast and cool cutting. These are particularly suited for the grinding of carbide tipped and inserted tooling, such as saws, cutters, reamers, end mills, and etc. . . In addition, they are utilized in precision grinding operations on carbide dies, rolls and carbide wear parts. Resin bonds are the best choice for the precision finishing of ceramics as well as grinding tungsten carbide and ceramic thermal spray coatings. When combined with CBN, resin bonds can be used for grinding high-speed steels, tool and die steels, and superalloys with above HRc 50.

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