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GRISH lapping film is coated with precisely graded minerals (such as diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, cerium oxide and so on) on the high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform, consistent finish. Available in 0.01-45 5m grades, with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing.

Type D
(Diamond) SC
(Silicon Carbide) AO
(Aluminum Oxide) CO
(Cerium Oxide) SO
(Silicon Oxide)
Grit Size /
5m 30 Green Light Green Green
20 White
16 White
15 Yellow-
green Tawny Light Green Brown
12 Yellow
9 Blue Gray-green Blue
6 Yellow
5 Gray-green White
3 Pink Tan Pink White
2 Gray-green Bright Green
1 Off-white Lavender Gray-green Blue
0.5 Off-white Brown-
yellow White Dark Red Off-white
0.3 White Dark Red Off-white
0.2 Grey
0.1 Light Brown White
0.02 Transparent
0.01 Transparent
Recommended Polishing Medium Water/Oil Water/Oil Water/Oil SOQ-12D Water
Standard size Disk : 70mm, 110mm, 127mm (5inch) , 203mm (8inch)
Sheet : 114mm*114mm, 152mm*152mm (6inch) , 228mm*228mm (9inch)
Note: Other film sizes are available upon request.

7High removal rate and superior surface finishing
7Consistent finishing performance
7High durability and cost reduction
7Available for dry polishing and wet polishing

Application Type Main application
D 7Used to radius ferrule connectors or refine the finish in preparation for the final polish.
7Polishing for magnetic heads and hard disks
7Lapping and polishing for optical glasses, optical crystal , LED
7Lapping and polishing for Semiconductor wafer (gallium arsenide, indium phosphide etc. )
SC 7Epoxy and glass removal
7Lapping and polishing for plastic ferrules
7Fine finishing and polishing for magnetic heads
AO 7Polishing for fiber optical connectors
7Polishing for silicon wafer used in Solar cells
7Polishing for hard disks
7Polishing for ITO
7Lapping and polishing for optical crystal
CO 7The final polishing for fiber optical connectors
7Polishing for optical devices
SO 7The final super-precise polishing of optical fiber connector
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