Sell Diamond Profiled Tools

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Profiling Wheels
1) Customized specifications available.
2) Used for marble, granite and agglomerate. It is perfect setting of the profiles between profiling and polishing wheels.
3) With the advantages of high quality of the cutting and very good keeping profile shape.

Shank Sculpture Cutter
1) Thickness (2, 2.7 or 3mm) , shank high (6mm) and diameter (15, 25, 30, 37, 38.5, 56 mm)
2) Used for stone carving.

Diamond Points
1) Used in high-speed air driven turbo hand pieces with a range up to 80,000RPM. The quality is excellent with diamond particles electroplated onto surgical-grade stainless steel.
2) Be wonderful tools for grinding out small areas or polishing hole or groove. Follow up with the diamond smoothing tools for a clear polished finish.
3) Customized products available.

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Brand Name
Freet Diamond Tools
Model Number
FT021, FT022, FT023