Sell Diamond Segments & Circular Saw Blade for Marble Block Cutting

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Diamond Segmented Circular Saw Blade for Marble Block Cutting

(Diamond Saw Blades for Block cutting of Marble, Limestone, Kinds of Soft Stones without quartz, Suitable for Bridge Cutting Machine and Single Arm Machine)

Wet use only with sufficient water, Fast & Easy cutting, long life, perfect performance.

The above specification is only for Reference, other or special specification can be ordered by customers.


Warning: Please use high frequency Silver Welded machine to make the brazing if you only order diamond segments, and not to use Fire to braze the segment to the saw blank, otherwise the diamond will be damaged then the cutting performance will be influenced(Reduced) !

When place order for block cutting diamond saw blades or Segments please inform the following:

Diameter (Inch or mm)

Inner Hole Size (Inch or mm)

Installation hole (If, need drawing)

Segment No. (how many pcs segment per blade)

Segment Size (L x W x H, if possible please inform Steel Core Thickness)

Use of saw blade (For Granite, or marble, or limestone, or Sandstone. or other material)

Quantity NO. (How many pcs, or how many sets segments)

Machine Powder/RPM (If possible)

Feed Speed (M/Minute)

Expected Cutting Depth (how many mm per time, forward or backward)

Coolant System (Water or Oil, how many liters/Minute, etc. )

Expected Shipping Date

Special Requirements (If)