Sell Diamond Tools--Flexible Polishing Pads

Diamond Tools--Flexible Polishing Pads You May Also Be Interested In: diamond tools flexible polishing flexible polishing pads polishing bricks polishing pads
1. Available in 3 4 and 5 diameters
2. Grit: #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000, buff
3. Applications: They will polish marble and granite. it is particularly effective on polish hard black and green marbles.
4. Feature: Used for dry and wet polishing, and they are very flexible and long lasting.
5. Extra long life

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Now, our main products are following:

1. Saw Blade & Segments (Diameter 100mm to 3500mm) : for cutting black and hard color granites, marble, limestone, sandstone, concrete etc. with water cutting and kerosene cutting.
2. Wire Saw & Diamond Beads (Diameter: 11mm & 8.5mm) : For Marble & Granite
3. Gang Saw & Gang Saw Segments: For marble cutting
4. Turbo Saw Blade
5. Multi-saw Blades & Segments
6. Polishing Pads (3",4" to 5")
7. Drills
8. Polishing Bricks
9. Grinding Wheels
10. Cup Wheels
11. Resin Disks
12. Metal Disks
13. Polishing Buff
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