Sell Diamond Wire Saw

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Product Description
1) Diameter: 8.0mm to 11.5mm
2) The fixation is spring, plastic, and rubber
3) Used for concrete, construction and stone processing

A loop of diamond wire mounted on a flywheel can be driven by a hydraulic or electric motor. Hydraulic drives powered by electric, gasoline, or diesel units are usually preferred on wire saws when cutting reinforced concrete, since they are both reversible and provide continuously variable speed. Water is applied to the cut to provide cooling and to flush the cut.

Diamond wire saws are more efficient than circular saws, able to cut concrete of almost any thickness and can also be used for stone processing. This makes them very useful for the kind of heavy demolition found in bridges, damns and thick concrete structures. In addition, they create little dust, noise and vibration, making them ideal for demolition work within inhabited structures.

Packing: Wooden Box or Carton Box
Productivity: 1000meter/month
Trademark: Huazuan
Origin: China
Min. Order: $100