Sell Diamond roller dresser and grinding wheel

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* Introduction and feature:
Roller dresser is a tool made for precision grinding process using the abrasive wheel including CBN vitrified wheel, which is dressed & profiled to the shape of Roller Dresser. It plays a great role in having abrasive wheels profiled for mass production of parts.

- Big reduction of time forming abrasives by
simultaneous working of truing and dressing.
- Easy to make product with high precision.
- The qulity of grinding surface of workpiece become
stable and improved.
- Saving of abrasive wheels consumpsion
- Drastical reduction of dresser changing interval.
- The burden of worker gets loosened.
* Specification:

It is a roller dresser (made by electodeposition) with diamonds held electroplating(Negative type)
- High grinding precision.
- Good surface roughness.
- Good for the products of complete shape.
- Automobile parts : valve, injection pin nozzle, piston ring.
- Parts for bearing : ball bearing, roller bearing, bearing case, hub bearing,
special bearing.
- Others : L. M. guide, Tapping tools, Gear, Ball screw and so on.


It is a roller dresser(made by sintering) with diamonds held by sintered metal of wear resistance.
- Excellent Stock-removal rate
- Superior durability
- Automobile parts; crankshaft, camshaft, spindle, C. V. joint and so on
- Parts tor bearing: ball bearing and so on.
- Truing & dressing for vitrified wheel.