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Through drying, calcines the fever, the smashing, the graduation, the different
model diatomaceous earth filter aid is made by, use to kinds of fluid solid separation.
Application scope widespread:
1st, oil product: Coolant oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil and so on.
2nd, coating pigment product: Each kind of paint, resin and so on.
3rd, acids: Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and so on each kind of inorganic
organic acid.
4th, general chemical product: Ethyl alcohol, glycerine, rocket liquid fuel and so on.
5th, oil class, fat and wax product: The soybean oil, the tung oil, the emulsoid, the regeneration wax, the gelatin, the sea are gummed and so on.
6th, fruit, vegetables liquid: Cider, carrot juice and so on.
7th, the liquor and brews the product: Beer, white liquor, soy sauce and so on
8th, sugar and syrup class liquid: Fructose, glucose, edible white sugar and so on.
9th, drugs: The antibiotic, the Vitamin, the Chinese medicine, extract and so on.
10th, water treatment: Factory waste water, swimming pool of water, river water and so on.
11th, other: Disappears the venom, the cleaning solution, the galvanization fluid and so on.
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