Sell Dibasic lead phosphite

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White powder, toxic, sweet, specific density 6.94, insoluble in water, soluble in chlorhydric acid and nitric acid. It becomes black at 200 0 , having sustained reducing force, as an oxidization prevention agent, it has excellent performance of resistance to ultra violet discoloration, cold hardiness and resistance to ageing.

It is mainly used as stabilizer for non-transparent PVC products, having excellent performance of electrical insulation, weather resistance and ultraviolet absorption.

Package with braided, PE bag insider lining, 25kg weight.
Matters need attentions on storage and transportation

The product should be handled according to the toxic materials. It should be kept in dryeration storage room to keep from wetting and polluting by H2S. The container must be sealed to keep from rain. It must not be transported together with food-stuffs. Notice that the product is combustible when transported.

Brand Name
Jing Xin
Supply Capacity
2500 tons per year