Sell Dicalcium phosphate Toothpaste grade

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Dicalcium phosphate toothpaste grade
Packing: in 25kg bags
Price on request

The specification:

Appearance and properties: white, monoclinic crystalline powder; soluble in dilute hydrochloric, nitric and acetic acids, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, when heated to 75?, it may lose crystal water,
convert to anhydrous.

CaO %: 31.0-33.0
Degree of Whiteness (WG) : =95
Fineness (pass through 325 mess sieve) , % =99.0
(pass through 200 mess sieve) , % =99.95
Absorptive water capacity (mlH2O/20g) : 5.0-6.5
Fluoride (As F) mg/kg: =50
Chlorides (As CL) mg/kg: =300
Loss on ignition %: 24.5-26.5
PH value (20% aqueous solution) : 6.9-7.5
Stability: Pass the test
Carbonate: Pass the test
Sulfides: Not contained
Iron (As Fe) mg/kg: =100
Insoluble in HCL %: =0.2
The rate of stability to Fluoride: =0.9
Loss on drying (60?) %: =0.6
P2O5 %: 40.7-42.5
Sulfate: Pass the test
Heavy metals (As Pb) mg/kg: =20
Arsenic (As) mg/kg: =3
Titration Value (ml) : 57.0---61.0
Microorganism p/g: =100
Leaf mold p/g: =500
Harmful bacterium: Not be tested
Usage: It is used as polishing ingredient for making top quality toothpaste.
Packing: 25kgs net plastic woven bags.