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Common Name: Dicamba
Other Names:
Chemical Name: 3, 6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight: 221. 0
CAS Registration No. : 1918-00-9
Specification: Technical Grade; Active Ingredients: Not less than 98% .
Physio-chemical Properties: Appearance: White crystals
Specific Gravity: 1. 57 (25 Degrees C. )
Melting Point: 114-116 Degrees C.
Flash Point: 150 Degrees C.
Solubility (25C) :
Water 0. 65g / 100ml
Ethanol 92. 2g / 100ml
Isopropanol 76. 0g / 100ml
Acetone 81. 0g / 100ml
Toluene 13. 0g / 100ml
Dichloromethane 26. 0g / 100ml
Dioxane 118. 0g / 100ml
Toxicity Profile: Low toxic herbicide.
Oral LD50 (Rats) : 1879-2740mg / KG
Dermal LD50 (Rabbits) : >2000mg / KG
Inhalation (Acute) : LC50 (Rats) 200mg / KG
Oral (Sub-acute) : NED (Rats) established at 23500ppm
Dermal (Sub-acute) : NED (Rabbits) established at 500mg / KG
Oral (Chronic) : NED (Rats) established at 25mg / KG
Oral Chronic: NED (Dog) established at 1. 25mg / KG
Carcinogenic, mutative and teratogenic effects were not detected
Scope of application: Intended for standing grains as wheat, corn, small grains and rice. Target weeds: C. album, Malchium aqualis (L. ) Fries, Descurainia Sophia, Convolvulus arvensis, Eclipta prostrata in corn, wheat, small grains and rice.
Storage: Kept in dry and cool place.
Expiration Period: At least 2 years.
Packaging: Iron or fiber drum. Make adjustments according to customers'requirements.