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Dichloromethane is a volatile colourless andæ±€ transparent liquid and has a smell and sweat that is like ether, relative density D41.326, m. p. -96.7C, b. p.40.4C.If it is mixed with high concentrated Oxygen, the explosive mixture is formed, but it's not inflammable. It is one of the low-boiling-Point industrial solvents that have small toxity, no inflammable.It has good solubility for many resin, wax and fat, soluble in water slightly, easy soluble in other chlorosolvent, ethoxyethane and ethanol.Dichloromethane can take place hydrolysis with water in a certain temprature.The commercial dichloromethane often contains stabilizer in order to prevent decomposition.
Dichloromethane has strong solubility and no toxicity, etc advantages.It is wide used for manufacturing safety film and orthocarbonate and can also be used for solvent of paint, cleaner for metak, gas-fog spray agents, polyurethane foaming agent, mold-release agent, paint remover.
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