Sell Diclazuril

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1. Function:
Diclazuril is an efficacious anti-coccidial drug in the world.

2. Dosage:
Pure Powder (The content>=95%) -- 1g/ton for chicken.
Premix 0.5% -- 200g/ton for chicken.
Granule 0.5% (carried on starch or corncob) -- 200g/ton for chicken.
Soluble Powder 0.5% -- 200g/ton for chicken.
Soluble Powder 0.2% -- 500g/ton for chicken.
Solution 0.5% -- 200ml/ton for chicken.
Solution 0.2% -- 500ml/ton for chicken.

3. Packing:
Pure 96%  10kg/barrel.
Premix 0.5% (powder) 25kg/bag.
Granule 0.5% (carried on starch)  15kg/bag
Granule 0.5% (carried on corncob)  25kg/bag
Soluble Powder 0.5%/0.2%--25kg/bag
Solution 0.5%/0.2%--96bottles/box (100ml/bottle) or 200L/barrel

4. Preservation period: 24 months
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