Sell Die Formed Graphite Ring

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Die formed graphite packing ring is made of pure flexible graphite , or Graphite with nikle/SS316/Brass wire reinforced. Performance and Features

Perfect self lubricant performance.
High elasticity coefficiency.
Scope of Application
Working temperature:~200~4000(200~8000 under non-oxidation atmosphere)
Working pressure:<=35MPa
Density:1.4 ~ 1.6 g/cm3
Max. machinable size:5~850mm

Graphite (EYELET) Gasket:
Graphite gasket with SS reinforced is composed of pressed metal sheet and flexible graphite grain after pressing and cutting. Performance and Features 1. Applicable to wide range of conditions. high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance. Applicable to high pressure location. 2. Normal finishing requirement for flange surface which contact gasket. 3. Perfect sealing performance. 4. Low pre-tightening stress, not adhere on flange sealing surface, easy installation, and low labour force required. Scope of Application 1. Working temperature:-2000-6000 2. Working pressure:6.4-10.0MPa 3. Min. Pre-tightening specific pressure:y=30MPa The gaskets can be made with SS inner or outer eyelet.