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'STAR' make Heavy Duty Super Platen Die-Cutter Embossing and Creasing Machine
Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press particularly designed for Die Cutting, Scoring and Creasing Work on PAPER, LINOLEUM, CARD-BOARD, CORRUGATED BOARD, FIREBOARD, CORK, LEATHER, PLASTIC AND PVC MATERIALS etc. Most Handsome and compact patronized Model requires Minimum Floor-Space. Minimum "Make-Ready" Time and provides sufficient hourly production.
With Heater Plate Equipped with Electro-Magnetic Clutch Brake Combination Set, One Die Punching Plate, Two Steel Chase and a set of Spanners, Electronic Stroke Counter, Automatic Platen Stop, Wrap Around Safety Device, Trip Bar, Foot Switch, Timer for Continuous Board, Limit Switch Attached with safety devices and motor. Complete in all respect with Standard Export Packing Motorized Lubrication Unit Electric Motor
Telemachanic Panel Main Big Steel Casting Gear. Mechanical Plate Lifting System.
Purchase Die Cutter With Heater Plate.
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