Sell Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine
Model: AT170F(E)
Type: Single-cylinder, Vertical, 4-Stroke, Direct injection, Air-cooled diesel engine
Bore W Stroke: 70mm W 55mm
Displacement: 211cm3
Engine Speed: 3,000rpm / 3,600rpm
Continuous Output: 3.4HP / 4.2HP
Maximum Output: 3.8HP / 4.8HP
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.5L
Lube-oil Capacity: 0.75L
Crankshaft Direction: Clockwise from flywheel end
Cooling Type: Force air-cooled
Lubrication Type: Pressure splash
Starting Mode: Recoil /electric start
Dimensions (LWWWH) : 400mmW335mmW425mm
Net Weight (Recoil) /(Electric) : 25.5/30.5kg

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