Sell Diesel Fuel (D-2) in all grades available for sale

Diesel Fuel (D-2) in all grades available for sale You May Also Be Interested In: d 2 diesel diesel fuels locomotive
We have direct access to a number of reliable, well established, sources for Diesel Fuel. Diesel Fuel and imported Gasoil from Russia (that also are up to the current specifications for diesel fuel that moves through the Colonial Pipeline, un-dyed) are amoungst the more popular, low sulpher, grades of diesel fuels that we provide. If you are looking for diesel fuel for non-road, locomotive, or marine usage and need a heavier sulpher content grade, we can provide that as well.

If you have real need for the product then we can help facilitate connecting you (via our service company) with the right supplier that will fit your needs. When you contact us, please make sure that you can provide us with all of the appropriate documents when the time arises. If you have problems with forwarding us proper paperwork once basic terms and conditions have been discussed, then please do not bother contacting us. We can sign proper paperwork (NCNDAs and MFPAs) before hand and even have our legal department step in if necessary, but you have to be able to trust us to a certain extent with giving us the paperwork or we are not going to be able to help you at all.

For pricing, procedures, minimum shipments, and soft offers please answer the following questions about your order so that we will be able to speed up the process of contacting the suppliers with vital information.

Soft Offer Format:
1. ) Exact Commodity
2. ) Destination (port)
3. ) Specific Amount
4. ) Type of Letter of Credit used for purchase
5. ) Your Target Price
6. ) Commissions Expected (if any)

If you are interested in working with us please forward us the six answers in a timely fashion so that we can start working on your order. Also gather any other important information about the order when talking to the buyer to see exactly where are they with making their purchase. The more questions you ask the more insight you have about how serious is the buyer.

Once price & basic terms are agreed upon, the buyer needs to submit a letter of intent (from the actual buyer) along with a bank capability letter from there bank supporting their financial capability to make the purchase. The letter of intent and bank capability letter need to be freshly dated (no later than seven days old) . We are looking for buyers (individuals, brokers, companies) who are serious about closing deals and that have authority to provide valid paperwork. We are looking forward to establishing a long, productive, relationship with you in the near term future.

Best Regards,
Amir A. Phillips
A. P. International-CEO
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30-45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C Payable at sight or T/T
Terms of Sale