Sell Diesel Generating sets

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Weichai-Deutz 226B series Diesel Engine is made by joint venture of Deutz Company, Germany and WEICHAI. It has the world-advanced technology of direct-injection, water-cooling and four strokes. The output is from 100kw(136ps) to 180kw(245ps) with the speed of 2500r/min. The fuel injection system uses top clearance plungers, and the emission can fit to Euro II emission standard. The engine has the feature of compact structure and high reliability and wearability. It is the ideal power for luxury bus and middle and heavy-duty trucks.

Weichai-Deutz 226B series Diesel Generating Set is matched by 226B series diesel engine which is made by joint venture of Deutz Company, Germany and WEICHAI, and alternators of famous brand such as Stamford or Marathon. The continuous output if from 20kw to 100kw. It is departed into normal generating set and automatic generating set according to its control method. It can be matched into trailer type, closed frame type electric station etc. Its emission fits to the Euro II Standard.

Weichai WD615/WD618 series diesel engine is water cooled, in line, 6 cylinders, four strokes, and direct injection, which is manufactured with advanced technology that introduced from Steyr Company of Austria. It is the environmental protected high-speed diesel engine, with the emission fit to Euro II Standard. It has the good performance of low fuel comsumption, quick speeding up capacity, steady and enough torque at the whole speed range. Most of the key spare parts are imported from famous international companies, which can ensure the reliability of the diesel engine. Its power range covers from 110kw to 266kw, and can be equipped with heavy-duty trucks, engineering machinery, military trucks, special trucks, various buses and ships of leisure, freshwater transportation and fishery.

Weichai WD615/WD618 series diesel generating set is powered by WD615/WD618 diesel engine, and matched with Stamford or Marathon alternator. The power range is from 100kw to 200kw with the speed of 1500rpm. It is departed into normal generating set, automatic generating set and plateau generating set etc. according to its function. It can be matched into trailer type and closed frame type electric station etc.

Model CW200 series diesel engine is developed on researching techniques of medium speed engine both at home and abroad. Possessing techniques of four-stroke, inline, direct injection, water-cooling, pulse system supercharging, intercooling, etc, it has rate power 382kW~800kW and rate speed 750r/min~1000r/min. It is characterized such as rational construction, advanced performance index, reliable running, operation and easy maintenance etc. It is an optimum power source for passenger liner, transport ship, fishing ship, and also used as generating set for ship and stationary set.